Bunion-friendly sandals making a comeback

Designers embrace flat, wide-strapped footwear

Bunion-friendly sandals a come backWhile towering strappy sandals have their place at formal events and during nights on the town, the fashionable crowd may be turning to more sensible options for daytime this summer as flat, wide-strapped footwear makes its return.

An article in the Daily Mail reports that plain leather sandals like the ones made by Clarks have become de rigeur for London's trendsetters.

"Alexa Chung deserves to be given shares in Clarks for her devotion to the granny sandal. Quirky singer Florence Welch is a fan, while Chloe Sevigny packed hers for Coachella festival," wrote Deborah Arthurs.

American women may scoff at the idea, but Harper's Bazaar is also hopping on the sensible sandal wagon. The magazine recently recommended a pair of flat, studded gladiator sandals made by the pump king himself, Christian Louboutin, as well as some Giuseppe Zanotti footwear with just one wide, embellished strap across the foot.

This may mean a good summer for the style-conscious who endure foot deformities like bunions or hammer toe. Those who wish to correct their conditions may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics, which could reduce the appearance of bunions or hammer toe without the need for painful bunion surgery.

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