Choose heel height wisely to avoid bunions, foot pain

A bunion splint may spare bunions from high-heeled shoes

Choose shoes wisely to avoid bunionsMany women are not willing to give up their fashionable footwear even if it means sparing themselves foot pain, bunions, hammer toe or tendonitis.

There is good news for such ladies, however, since bunion splints or orthotics may help to prevent or correct foot conditions like bunions or hammer toe without the need for painful, expensive bunion surgery.

Additionally, the American Association for Women Podiatrists reports that avoiding foot conditions without sacrificing pumps may be possible. The organization recommends choosing a shoe with a stable heel, a wide toe box and a good fit. Women should also take into consideration how long they plan to wear their shoes before heading out.

"You might be able to withstand four-inch heels for an hour or two," said Marlene Reid, a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, "but would you want to wear those shoes all day and all night?"

An article on recommends a two-inch heel for day purposes, but reports that a four-inch heel for a night out may suit many women well. 

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