Choose proper sports shoes to avoid bunions, foot pain

Podiatrist says buying shoes per activity worth the cost

Proper shoes avoid bunionsBeginners in activities like spinning or running may be putting themselves at risk of foot injury or deformity if they don't choose the right kind of shoe for their sport.

Since wearing flexible-soled footwear while spinning puts stress on the arch and running in shoes meant for walking may hinder the foot's forward motion, it's very important to be sure that your feet are appropriately protected.

Jacqueline Sutera, podiatrist and spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association, told the Staten Island Advance that while it may seem ridiculous to purchase a pair of shoes for different activities, the cost of neglecting the feet may be far more expensive.

“You really have to respect your sport,” she said. “It costs a lot to invest in these shoes, but later you can have arthritis, tendonitis, stress fractures or heel spurs - and some of these are hard to reverse.”

Catherine Moloznik of Fleet Feet Sports Chicago told that Adidas and Nike both have several models of shoes with wide toe boxes to accommodate bunions. She also recommended New Balance's 587 and 1123 models for bunion-stricken runners who need motion control.

Additionally, bunion splints or orthotics may be effective in helping athletes prevent or treat bunions or hammer toe

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