Make calloused bunions food for the fishes

Imagine fish nibbling calluses and bunions, oh my!

Calloused bunions food for fishImagine dipping your sore, calloused, bunion-ridden feet into a small pool filled with fish and letting their tiny toothless mouths nibble away at the unsightly dead skin, turning your source of embarrassment into a nourishing meal.

While these types of beauty services were once only available in Asian countries, fish foot spas are becoming more popular in the U.S. and the UK.

The Washington Post reports that a certain type of small fish called Garra rufa have a particular appetite for flakes of human skin.

"Some people say it's a very nice and very natural way to remove your dead cells," said Yuki Yamagishi, the owner of a Japanese inn, quoted by the news source.

The reporter, Andrea Sachs, said that the treatment feels like a "light flutter" on the feet and said that the tiny fish did a great job at smoothing away her runner's callus.

The treatment has become somewhat popular in the UK and reports that salons in Ohio and Illinois have begun to offer Garra rufa treatment. However, the website also says that using the fish for manicure and pedicure purposes has been banned in several states, including Florida, Washington and Texas.

A bunion splint is an alternative bunion treatment

Some individuals may not like the idea of fish nibbling at their calloused skin, so bunion splints or orthotics may be effective in helping to reduce the appearance of bunions without the need for painful bunion surgery or making themselves into fish food.

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