Bunion surgery may fix protrusion but lead to other problems

Bunion surgery not a full-proof method to rid foot pain

Bunion surgery not full-proofOn BunionSurvivor.com, a yoga enthusiast reported that the bunion surgery she had was successful in eliminating the bony protrusion stemming from the joint of her big toe, but that a whole new set of problems cropped up as a result of the operation.

The author said she has been able to do yoga poses again, aside from a few jumping transitional moves, but that she now feels pain in other areas of her foot. Additionally, she said her second toe is now malpositioned because of scar tissue.

"I cannot walk barefoot or dance without pain on the sole of my foot because the bone of the third toe is pushing through the bottom, just like the second toe used to," she wrote on the website.

WebMD has reported that bunion surgery is not a full-proof method to rid foot pain, and that recurrence has been known to happen.

However, the website recommends bunion splints, orthotics and wearing comfortable shoes with wide toe boxes to encourage proper healing after bunion surgery.

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