Just your average bunion

Several options for treating a bunion

Just your average bunionWhile bunions often conjure images of grandmothers rubbing their swollen, calloused feet, the foot deformity is actually the most common condition affecting the feet in women of all ages.

Some are hidden beneath narrow-toed, high-heeled shoes and others rest more comfortably beneath footwear with wide toe boxes. Some cause pain, others are merely ugly. Some bunions can even crowd the rest of the toes, leading them to curve inward - a condition known as hammer toe.

Given that bunions are so common and yet varied in severity, there are several options out there for bunion correction.

First, bunion surgery may help correct the condition. However, it can be expensive and painful, and bunion recurrence following the operation is not uncommon.

Bunion splints or orthotics may also be helpful and help individuals avoid going under the knife.

Prevention is always the best medicine - especially considering that untreated bunions can lead to inflammation, calluses, arthritis or arthrosis at the big toe joint or hindered mobility.

Bunion splints - like the BunionAid from Alpha Orthotics - have been shown to help prevent the development of bunions. Moreover, the device may be worn during the day or at night, so no one will be the wiser about your bunions. 

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