Taiwanese woman turns hair into heels

Avoid foot pain with hair stylist's woven shoes

Woven human hair for shoesLetting your hair down has taken on a whole new meaning for a Taiwanese hairdresser.

According to Reuters, award-winning hair stylist Tsai Shiou-ying creates high heels made entirely from human hair. She uses leftover hair from customers to make the footwear.

Shiou-ying told the media outlet that she needs hair from at least three people to craft a single heel. It takes about a month to weave a pair of these shoes, she said.

"With real hair, I can perm and dye it into all sorts of different colors," Shiou-ying told the news source.

She's not stopping at shoes. According to the news provider, the stylist plans to create corsets and dresses entirely made of human hair.

Soft breathable material of splayfoot insole, a substitute for human hair

Some women may find that the texture of soft hair on their feet makes wearing heels more comfortable, since pumps made of traditional materials have been associated with foot pain. Until you can get your hands on one of these high heels made of human hair, you might have to rely on insoles made of soft breathable material to provide comfort. According to The Methodist Hospital System, narrow-toed, high-heeled shoes can lead to bunions.

Women who wear heels of any sort may want to prepare for some foot problems. By purchasing orthopedic shoes or a bunion night splint, consumers can help reduce toe pain.

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