Tom and Katie's kid dons heels - again

No matter the age, heels may lead to need for bunion treatment

Bnion treatment for the youngAs if Suri Cruise did not have enough to worry about.

The 5-year-old daughter of celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is likely to be in the public eye for the rest of her life, which means that privacy will be scant. Aside from a team of bodyguards and publicists, Suri may someday need to hire a foot doctor who can recommend the proper bunion treatment.

According to The Huffington Post, Suri was photographed this past week wearing gold high heels while boarding a plane with her parents in Miami. Last year, Cruise and Holmes were criticized when Suri was spotted wearing open-toe heels.

Justine Roberts, a spokeswoman for the parents' group Mumsnet, told The Daily Mail that she is offended by Suri's footwear.

"Some of the shoes I've seen on sale [in kids stores] look more suited to a lap-dancing club than the feet of a young girl," Roberts told the media outlet. "The items in question are prematurely sexualizing young children."

Although there is no concrete proof that heels lead to a stripping career, many studies have indicated that they can cause serious foot problems. Considering all of the money that Cruise and Holmes have, they may want to consider investing in a bunion brace for young Suri.

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