J. Lo. set to release line of fashion for Kohl's

Fans who emulate Lopez's footwear styles may need bunion treatment

Lopez footwear styles at Kohl'sJennifer Lopez has once again become a household name with her new role as a judge on American Idol and now plans to give her name to a clothing line for Kohl's.

While her last two fashion lines were deemed unsuccessful even by the singer herself, the New York Times reports that Lopez and her business partner Tommy Hilfiger remain optimistic.

“She lives fashion," Hilfiger said, quoted by the Times. "She sings about [it] and says it’s the most fun thing about getting ready for ‘Idol.’ Her eyes light up when you ask her what kind of shoes she’s wearing. Louboutins, naturally.”

The line will include everything from bath towels to provocative suede boots, according to the news source.

Kohl's Chief Executive Kevin Mansel told Rueters that such exclusive celebrity brands are powerhouses when it comes to sales at the retail chain. He told the source that Lopez's line is expected to be in stores this fall.

While this is undoubtedly good news for J. Lo. fans, they should beware that emulating Lopez's footwear styles may lead to bunions or hammer toe.

However, consumers may be able to avoid such foot conditions with bunion splints or orthotics, which have been shown to help prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe. 

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