Kim Jong-Il wears high heels, risks developing bunions

Kim Jong-ll struts in platforms that can lead to foot problems

Kim Jong-ll struts in platform shoesKorea JoongAng Daily reports that communist North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has been stepping out on the town wearing two- to three-inch heels, signaling that he must be recovering well from his stroke in 2008.

High heels have been Jong-Il's trademark, along with a flashy pair of sunglasses that he appears to favor, but he was caught out in sneakers following the development of some health problems.

"[Jong-Il] was seen in 2005 wearing platform shoes with heels as high as 12 centimeters. [Jong-Il] has been seen wearing the platform shoes especially when meeting with world leaders," the newspaper reported.

While many think that bunions are only a woman's problem, Men's Health reports differently. However, the magazine says that men often develop bunions as a result of athletics, pronation or genetics. Jong-Il may end up developing the foot condition as a result of his feminine footwear, since high heels often lead to the foot condition.

Jong-Il may be able to continue to strut his stuff on the streets of North Korea, since bunion splints or orthotics have been known to help prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe


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