Web site with shoes under $40 may lead to foot problems

Kim Kardashian's ubiquity continues, may lead to bunions for the masses

Kim Kardashian shoes and bunions for the massesReality television star Kim Kardashian has lent her face to products like diet drugs and perfume. Now, Los Angeles Business reports that the famous public figure has secured $40 million from investor group Andreeseen Horowitz for her shoe website, which is rife with inexpensive, bunion-inducing high heels.

ShoeDazzle.com has now received a total of $60 million in investments, which could make for a wildly popular endeavor for Kardashian.

“ShoeDazzle’s innovative model and outstanding execution have positioned the company as the clear market leader in offering online fashion and styling services to women,” said John O’Farrell of Andreessen Horowitz.

Run by Kardashian and her business partner Brian Lee, the website offers trendy shoes and accessories for under $40, reports HollywoodLife.com.

Spending extra dollars on a bunion splint may be worth the investment

While this may be great news for Kardashian and Lee, it may mean bunions and hammer toe for bargain-seeking fashionistas.

High heels have been known to exacerbate bunions and hammer toe, as have shoes that have been made on a budget. Luckily, bunion splints and orthotics are available for women who develop the foot conditions, helping them to avoid painful bunion surgery



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