Ripa says heel-induced confidence is worth the pain

High Heel-a-Thon is worth the foot pain

High-heel-a-thon worth the foot painTalk-show host Kelly Ripa recently discussed her annual charitable event called The High Heel-a-Thon. Although the race raises money for a worthy cause, it may also increase the number of toe straighteners sold in New York City.

The High Heel-A-Thon, which was created in 2008, is a 150-yard dash in Central Park during which participants race to the finish line while wearing their most fashionable shoes. Simply walking in high heels can cause significant foot pain over time, but running in them might warrant frequent trips to the podiatrist.

However, many women believe that the prospect of requiring bunion treatment is well worth it.

"I definitely feel like I look better when I wear them," Ripa told the media outlet. "I put on heels and I immediately, for whatever reason, look taller and skinnier. I look more confident because I think I feel more confident."

According to the news provider, Ripa caused quite a stir last December when she donned high heels on her show while walking with crutches, which she needed due to a stress fracture in her right hip. She is not alone in her dedication to fashionable footwear.

According to a survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, approximately 42 percent of women said they wear shoes they like even if they cause discomfort.

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