Physical therapy may help patients heal after bunion surgery

Physical therapy and bunion splints get patients back on their feet

Physical therapy after bunion surgeryThe Lower Extremity Review has reported that while recommendations for physical therapy following a bunionectomy may be scarce, the additional treatment may be worthwhile in helping patients to regain movement and heal faster.

“Some physicians may think if they send a patient for physical therapy after surgery, it reflects poorly on their surgical procedure,” said Juan J. Rivera, DPM, quoted by the source. “In actuality, you are helping your patient optimize their ultimate results and overall post-surgical experience.”

The article reports that a study conducted at the Foot and Ankle Center in Austria revealed that a 45-minute weekly rehabilitation program significantly improved patients' range of motion and function in the joint of their big toes.

Moreover, a Weil Foot and Ankle Institute study revealed that patients who received physical therapy scored better on a function index than a control group that received no therapy.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that strengthening exercises following bunion surgery may be effective in regaining flexibility and movement.

Continued wearing of a splint prevents recurrence of a bunion

Additionally, wearing bunion splints or orthotics post-surgery can promote proper healing of bones and ligaments, helping individuals avoid the need for an additional operation due to bunion recurrence.

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