Pamper feet in the comfort of your own home

Pedicures, foot cremes, and bunion splints prepare feet for summertime

Foot care at homeIt's nearly summertime, and many women are already jumping the gun and slipping into their strappy sandals. But it may be a good idea to get those tootsies looking smooth before doing so. reports that an at-home pedicure is possible for people of any skill level, and only takes about five minutes.

First, scrub feet with a sugar scrub. It's easy to make one at home, with equal parts oil and sugar. After washing feet, file toenails evenly across. Wipe nails with some rubbing alcohol to remove any oil, then brush on a coat of nail polish, finishing them off with a quick-drying topcoat.

Also, gives some recommendations for foot creams to get feet looking, feeling and smelling fantastic.

Natural cosmetic company Carol's Daughter offers a Sage and Shea Foot Butter to keep skin hydrated. The site also says that Sally Hansen's Salon Hydrating Foot Cream is relaxing to rub in and leaves feet baby-soft.

Finally, women who experience bunions or hammer toe may want to take care of such unsightly conditions before baring feet for the summer. Luckily, bunion surgery may not be necessary, since bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to help prevent or treat bunions or hammer toe. 

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