Madonna and Lady Gaga have common ancestral roots

Common fondness of bunion-inducing heels among related pop superstars

Pop superstars love bunion-inducing heelsPop superstars Madonna and Lady Gaga have been held side-by-side for comparisons since the latter stepped onto the entertainment scene. They have similar music styles, a penchant for scandal and a love of bunion-inducing heels.

Now celebrity genealogist Chris Child is saying that the two blonde singers are actually ninth cousins once removed, both descending from a 15th century rural Quebecois couple.

"When I saw that Lady Gaga had French Canadian ancestry, I thought there might be something there," said Child, quoted by the Daily Mail.

The news source reports that singer Gwen Stefani is also a distant cousin of the Material Girl.

All three distant cousins should be aware of bunions

Given all three of the ladies' love of towering heels and platform shoes, they should all be on the lookout for bunions or hammer toe. The Mayo Clinic reports that the bony deformity known as a bunion is hereditary, so if Madonna develops one, the other two ladies may want to take note.

Luckily, bunion splints or orthotics have been known to help prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe, so none of these performers should need to take time off from touring for painful bunion surgery.

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