Pump-clad jewelry store employees chase down thief

High-heeled thief chasers score 12.5 carat diamond

Diamond worth 500 bunion splintsOregon woman Paula Wentworth recently waltzed into her local jewelry store, asked to try on a $30,000 bracelet then proceeded to run out the door wearing the pricey 12.5 carat diamond trinket on her wrist, according to Fox 12 Oregon.

What she didn't expect is that the three store employees would chase her down wearing their high heels and put her in a chokehold until the police arrived.

“I had her by the hair so I literally pulled her hair and re-did my chokehold so she wouldn’t have the chance to clamp down and bite me. I just didn’t want her to get away," said store employee Bhakti Sasya, quoted by the news source.

Wentworth is now being charged with first-degree aggravated theft and third degree robbery.

Value is worth 500 bunion splints

While the ladies who caught her showed a lot of courage, they may want to consider another choice of footwear the next time they head to work. Aside from being difficult to chase thieves in, high heels have also been known to cause bunions or hammer toe, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Luckily, they may be able to avoid painful bunion surgery, since bunion splints or orthotics may effectively prevent or correct the foot conditions. 

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