USA soccer team gears up for Women's World Cup in Germany

Soccer players often endure ill-fitting shoes which lead to foot problems

USA team goes to Women's World CupAmerican women have been flexing their muscles in the sport of soccer in recent years, winning the last two Olympic gold medals. However, the World Cup title remains an elusive goal for the ladies, sine the USA team has not won the coveted award since 1999, reports USA Today.

The team has managed to come close, finishing third in the last two years, making them even more hungry for victory and ready to establish themselves.

"With all due respect to the '99 team, I think this team wants to define itself and win a championship based on the path that those pioneers paved for us," forward Abby Wambach said, quoted by the news source. "This team needs to win a World Cup to put itself on the map."

The Women's World Cup series is scheduled to run from June 26 through July 17.

Hopefully the ladies will be lucky enough to avoid bunions until then, since the bony protrusion has been known to form in the athletes who put much pressure on their feet and toes with high-impact kicks.

The Mayo Clinic reports that ill-fitting shoes and foot injuries can also lead to bunions, which are things that soccer players often endure.

If a member does happen to develop a bunion, or wishes to treat an existing condition, they may be in luck because bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to help prevent or treat bunions or hammer toe

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