U.S. women's national basketball team comes together to train

Team prepares for London Olympics, hopefully without bunions 

WNBA team prepares for London OlympicsThe majority of the members of the U.S. women's basketball team finally came together for a team camp in Las Vegas, a rare thing given all of the ladies' busy schedules.

Many of the women play abroad and others have commitments to their WNBA teams, making it difficult for them to all get together for a camp.

The team's coach Geno Auriemma said it's been nice to see the women play in different roles and with teammates who they don't typically get to interact with.

"When you watch them on their own team they always have the ball and are doing their own thing. Put them in this environment and they have to do other things. It's good to see their different skills stand out other than scoring," Auriemma said.

Last October, the team qualified for next year's London Olympics by winning the World Championship.

Hopefully the ladies will perform their best in the UK, but some may need to correct their bunions first.

SportsInjuryClinic.net reports that many athletes - including basketball players - develop bunions or hammer toe as a result of repeated motion and excessive pressure on the toes.

Fortunately, bunion surgery may not be necessary since bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to help prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe. 

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