New book gives insight into the life of a ballerina

Bunions are among the trials and tribulations of ballet dancers

Bunions among ballet dancersBallet dancers endure many hardships for their craft. Among them are pre-performance anxiety, bunions, grueling rehearsals and the ever-troublesome pointe shoes.

Miami City Ballet principal dancer Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg recently wrote a book titled So, You Want To Be A Ballet Dancer? that is meant to prepare future ballerinas for the trials and tribulations they will experience and give ballet enthusiasts a look into what the dancers go through to put on a good show.

“Ballet can be such a scary word, conjuring up images of waifish dancers and harsh instructors, intense competition and backstage drama. Not exactly what little girls dream of when they put on tutus and flail around the living room," Kronenberg said.

She hopes that the re-telling of her personal experiences will prepare young ballet dancers for the bad things, and have them looking forward to the best.

Some may say that on of the worst aspects of ballet is that pointe shoes and toe stands are known to lead to bunions and hammer toe.

Bunion splints may ease the pain from pointe shoes

Future and present ballerinas may be able to avoid painful bunion surgery with the help of bunion splints or orthotics, which may help to prevent or correct the foot conditions.

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