Kate Middleton sparks shoe trend

Envy for her fashion savvy, but not for the price of bunions

Kate Middleton in stylish wedgesThe day after her marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton headed out in a cobalt blue dress, simple black jacket and a pair of black, patent leather wedges with braided rope embellishing the heels. While it was certainly a simple look, media outlets are reporting that her shoes have caused others to mimic her style, and that the makers are re-issuing the style from last year.

People magazine has reported that Chelsy Davy, longtime girlfriend of Prince Harry, was spotted trying on the same pair at a boutique called Office. This led the source to posit the question, 'Do you covet Kate's shoes?'

If one does, they are in luck, since L.K. Bennett will be re-releasing the shoes in black, red and blue. The footwear retails for $270, which is a relatively small price to pay for shoes fit for a princess.

While both Middleton and Davy will continue to draw envy for their fashion savvy, as well as their luck of snagging handsome princes, they may also develop something that is not so worthy of desire: bunions or hammer toe.

WebMD reports that wearing high heels can lead to bunions or hammer toe due to the narrow toe box and steep incline. However, bunion splints and orthotics have been shown to prevent or correct the conditions without the need for bunion surgery

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