Blisters and bunions and heel spurs, oh my!

Hereditary condition of bunions worsen with ill-fitting running shoes

Bunions and blisters among runnersRunners seem to be a special breed of athlete, as many are willing to endure rain or snow to go out for a jog, nausea after an intense run and a compendium of physiological issues just to feel the breeze as they blow past walkers on the street.

Yahoo! Sports has compiles a list of injuries that runners tend to develop as a result of high-impact, repeated movements.

First, the source reports that many runners experience blisters. This seems pretty wimpy when compared to number two on their list: plantar fasciitis, otherwise known as fallen arches. However, the website reports that this can be remedied with orthotics, new shoes or stretching before a run.

Plantar fasciitis often leads to heel spurs, which are small deposits of bone that appear when fallen arches are ignored. They can cause pain and inflammation, and may require treatment from a podiatrist.

Ankle sprains, shin splints and runner's knee are also common in those who choose to pound the pavement.

Additionally, Runner's World reports that many of these athletes experience bunions and hammer toe. The hereditary condition is often made worse by athletics, poorly fitted shoes and improper landing mechanics.

Luckily, those who develop bunions or hammer toe may be able to treat their conditions at home with the use of bunion splints or orthotics. 

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