High heels plus pregnancy equals bunions

High heels develop bunions and dangerous for unborn child

Pregnancy can lead to bunionsPregnant celebrities are often seen teetering around town wearing cartoonishly high heels, but everyday women should pay heed: this is not only a surefire way to develop bunions, but is dangerous for an unborn child.

Trying to mimic the likes of Kate Hudson or Heidi Klum can put strain on already taxed feet, and also affects the way a woman carries herself.

"High heels alter your posture, shorten your calf muscles and place increased pressure on your back and knees," said podiatrist Lorraine Jones, quoted by BBC. "In pregnancy, this places extra pressure on your joints when they are already under strain - which can result in a host of foot, leg and back problems and could increase the likelihood of falls."

Added weight during pregnancy may cause bunions

The added weight that is carried during pregnancy has been known to cause or worsen bunions due to pressure on the metatarsal joint. This same area is affected when feet are squeezed into shoes with high heels and narrow toes, reports the National Institutes of Health.

Women who experience bunions - whatever the cause - may be able to correct their conditions by wearing bunion splints or orthotics. This could also possibly help them to avoid painful, expensive bunion surgery

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