Oprah hasn't let bunions get in her way

Host herself to not know surprise line-up on last show May 25

Oprah's time to tend to her bunionsWhile Oprah Winfrey has certainly dealt with her fair share of problems in life - childhood poverty and bunions among them - she's also become one of the most successful women in the world thanks to an eponymous television network and studio, magazine, website and - of course - her talk show.

Now, the Illinois Broadcasting Association is honoring Winfrey with an induction into their Hall of Fame as the media queen's reign over daytime television comes to an end this spring.

The last episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show will air on May 25, and not even the host herself will know about the surprise line-up, reports NBC.

Oprah can now make time to tend to her bunions

Winfrey will still be busy with other endeavors, no doubt, but perhaps she will now have a little bit of extra time to work on those bunions.

On her time off, she may want to consider wearing bunion splints or orthotics to help correct her foot conditions. The devices may also allow her to help avoid bunion surgery, which tends to be painful and might force her to take some time off to heal. 

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