Costly footwear remain in closet

Survey reveals that many costly high heels go unworn 

High heeled shoes stay unwornThe American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that many women develop bunions as a result of their too-tight and too-high shoe choices. Still, this does not deter extravagant expenditures on trendy footwear.

The Daily Mail reported in an online article that the average woman in the UK has 11 pairs of shoes that have never been - and will likely never be - worn, despite shelling out the equivalent of $60 per pair, according to a survey conducted by Co-operative Insurance.

"Shoes hold all sorts of promise and expectation. They can transform an outfit, lengthen legs and make us taller and appear slimmer, and most of all, they are so forgiving," said behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings, quoted by the source.

The survey also revealed that the average woman buys about eight pairs each year, and about 10 percent of respondents admitted to spending more than $1,000 annually on footwear.

Adding a bunion splint to the shopping list helps to bypass surgery

Staggering though the numbers may be, they are hardly surprising. Given the prevalent trend of the platform/high heel amalgamation, many of these women may soon need to add "bunion splints" or "orthotics" to their shopping lists.

While towering heels have been known to exacerbate bunions or hammer toe, the conditions can often be prevented or corrected using bunion splints or orthotics, bypassing the need for expensive bunion surgery


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