Physical activity may improve quality of life in people with arthritis

Many with arthritis develop bunions

Many with arthritis develop bunionsIndividuals with arthritis tend to experience a compendium of health problems associated with their disease, from bunions to depression. Now, a study that was conducted at the University of Illinois reveals that many with this condition also have a reduced quality of life, which may be alleviated with increased physical activity.

Researchers analyzed the health data of about 1 million adults over a three-year period and found that people with arthritis were more than twice as likely to report fair or poor health than those without the disorder.

Moreover, arthritic participants whose physical activity was restricted by their condition reported a worse quality of life than those who did not experience hindered mobility.

"Given the projected high prevalence of arthritis in the U.S., interventions should address both physical health and mental health," said lead author Sylvia Furner. "Increasing physical activity, reducing co-morbidities, and increasing access to healthcare could improve the quality of life for adults with arthritis."

Given that many individuals with arthritis develop bunions, which can make activity more difficult and even painful, this study suggests that at-risk people should seek treatments to prevent bunions or hammer toe.

Luckily, people with arthritis may not need to endure painful bunion surgery, since bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe.

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