Osbourne's painful bunions stem from dancing

Kelly Osbourne talks red carpet style

Osbourn's bunions come from dancingReality television star Kelly Osbourne recently told HollywoodNews.com that she has trouble looking glamorous on the red carpet, despite her status as a style icon on E!'s show Fashion Police.

The daughter to rocker Ozzy Osbourne told the source that she's more comfortable in UGG boots than stiletto heels, and that she once received red carpet posture advice from one of Beyonce's choreographers, Frank Gatson.

"He told me how to stand properly. This is the way I describe it: You take your bunion to your other bunion, turn it in, put your hand on your hips," Osbourne said, quoted by the news provider.

Earlier this year, Osbourne - who reportedly has bunions - said that she has painful foot conditions stemming from her stint on Dancing With The Stars, but that she will refuse foot surgery until the problem becomes debilitating.

While Osbourne said she prefers comfort over style, she's been spotted numerous times in towering heels and platforms. WebMD reports that such shoes can make bunions or hammer toe worse due to the pressure and lack of wiggle room in the toe area.

Starlets who are experiencing unsightly conditions like bunions or hammer toe may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics to help prevent or correct the problems. 


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