Bunion myths exposed

Commonly-held bunion beliefs are not true

Xray of Hallux valgusIn an effort to educate the general population during Foot Health Awareness Month, Alpha Orthotics is focusing on bunions and helping individuals understand their causes and treatments.

Experts at the company report that there are many commonly-held beliefs regarding bunions that are actually myths waiting to be debunked.

First of all, bunions are not caused by high-heeled, pointy-toed shoes. It is a genetic condition that can often be made worse by impractical footwear, since the shoes put too much pressure on the ball of the foot and don't allow adequate toe space.

Secondly, bunions don't just affect grandma. A study that was published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research recently revealed that 15 percent of girls under the age of 18, and nearly 6 percent of boys in the same age group experience bunions.

A bunion can be corrected with a bunion splint

Old theories that bunions cannot be healed are also inaccurate. Customer reviews of Alpha Orthotic's Bunion Aid suggest that bunions and hammer toe can indeed be prevented or treated with noninvasive methods.

Lastly, those who say bunion surgery is the only lasting way to get rid of the deformity may want to think again. Bunions are known to recur following surgery, but can be prevented by wearing a bunion splint after the operation. 

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