Back pain can be caused by bunions

Seek treatment for lower back pain early on 

Bunions can lead to back painPatients who received immediate care for their lower back pain had a much better chance of recovering when compared to individuals who were put on month-long waiting lists, according to researchers at the University of Gothenberg, in Sweden.

Back pain can be attributed to a number of causes - from bunions to knee osteoarthritis to bad posture - and the authors noted that about 80 percent of working-age people will experience such discomfort at some point.

While study participants who received immediate care as well as those who had to wait experienced relief of symptoms, those who had delayed treatment were more likely to end up with recurring pain later.

Additionally, people who were put on an exercise program and also given education regarding their condition had significantly better outcomes than those who only received information.

Bunion splint helps avoid back pain

Results of the study suggest that early treatment of conditions that may lead to lower back pain may be the most effective in helping individuals stay pain-free.

Bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to prevent or treat issues like bunions or hammer toe - which may hinder gait and lead to other problems - without the need for painful, expensive bunion surgery

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