Vera Wang shares tips for wedding footwear

Tapered toe box known to exacerbate bunions

Tapered toe box leads to bunionsIn recent years, designer Vera Wang has become the quintessential component of any well-to-do wedding. In light of the upcoming royal nuptials, she offered some of her advice on footwear for the big day to Women's Wear Daily.

It may not be surprising that the woman who crafts elegant gowns for the rich and famous recommends subdued shoe choices.

“I have to say I prefer a shoe on the quieter side whether it is a fashion shoe - though it doesn’t have to be - or something with a bit of a wedding feeling," Wang told the source.

She said gown length is important, and that the hem should sweep the foot and just barely expose the shoes.

While Wang said to stay away from overly-embellished footwear, she did reveal a preference for shoes with a tapered toe box - a feature that has been known to exacerbate bunions.

Her final piece of advice on choosing wedding shoes was to go for a kitten heel or a platform depending on the height of the future spouse.

Luckily for style-conscious brides-to-be, Wang's advice seems pretty reasonable, but women with bunions or hammer toe may want to correct their conditions in order to follow it.

Bunion splints or orthotics have been known to help prevent or correct the unsightly conditions, perhaps in time for the big ceremony.

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