Wearing high heels without foot pain

Arch support helps prevent foot pain

High-heeled sandals without foot painFashion writer Liz Jones, of the Daily Mail, recently tested out a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals that promise to be pain-free and was pleasantly surprised by her experiment.

Jones found that the Marks and Spencer heels had all of the right components of a good shoe: an ankle strap, rigid arch support, cushioning for the ball of the foot and a smooth, seamless interior.

"I was able to walk around Paris without fearing the stone steps and pavements, and I made it on to the yacht without plunging over the side," Jones wrote.

The author also offered some tips on walking in heels, which include standing with straight posture and moving legs from the core of the body.

WebMD reports that high heels may make unsightly foot conditions like bunions and hammer toe worse due to the pressure put on the ball of the foot, which can cause toes to crowd and lead to deformity over time.

Either give up high heels or wear a bunion splint

The medical website recommends choosing a shoe that fits properly, has a gradual incline from toe to heel and an open toe to alleviate pressure.

Additionally, those who simply cannot give up their heels may want to consider bunion splints or orthotics to help prevent or treat bunions or hammer toe without the need for bunion surgery

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