Sun screen on feet, a must

Don't overlook the feet when applying SPF this summer

Cover feet with sun screenWhen getting ready for sandal weather, many will do things like get a pedicure or correct their bunions. However, few think about the risk of developing skin cancer on the foot.

An article on the website for the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons states that the often-overlooked area is susceptible to malignant lesions for just that reason - no one thinks to put sunscreen on their feet.

Unfortunately, the most common form of cancer that appears on the appendages is also the most deadly: melanoma.

“I advise my patients to regularly inspect their feet, including the soles, in between their toes and even under their toenails, for any changing moles or spots and to have any suspicious areas promptly examined by a foot and ankle specialist,” said Thanh Dinh, D.P.M., quoted in the article. reports that individuals should note asymmetrical moles, undefined borders, uneven pigmentation and diameters that are larger than a pencil eraser.

So, while correcting foot conditions during the warm months, remember to also screen your feet for anything that looks suspicious. 

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