Topical pain relievers may ease foot pain

Topical cremes relieve foot pain

Cremes ease foot painIndividuals who suffer from centralized pain - like that caused by bunions, strains or sprains - may want to consider using gel, cream or spray pain relievers in order to achieve comfort without unnecessarily circulating medication throughout the entire body, according to Cochrane researchers.

A team of scientists examined the data of more than 30 studies before concluding that topical non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) were effective at reducing pain by up to half.

"Our study confirms that some NSAIDs are effective topical treatments for acute pain of the type caused by a sports injury," said lead researcher Andrew Moore.

Additionally, the pain relievers appeared to have fewer side effects than those that were taken orally.

Results of the study suggest that topical NSAIDS may be an effective complementary medicine for individuals suffering from foot conditions like bunions or hammer toe.

Bunion splint relieves bunion pain and corrects bunions

Rubbing a pain reliever into the affected area before or after using a bunion splint or orthotic may help to relieve pain while the devices work at correcting the deformities. Additionally, bunion splints or orthotics may help individuals avoid bunion surgery, which would likely lead to even more pain.

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