Yoga for the toes

Foot exercises keep foot pain at bay

Foot exercises prevent foot painThe American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) conducted a survey, which showed that about 60 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 49 are on their feet for at least four hours per day. This, combined with today's stylish yet non-supportive footwear, may lead to some serious foot conditions like bunions or hammer toe.

In order to combat this, the APMA recommends some stretches and exercises that individuals can practice to strengthen the feet and keep foot pain at bay.

Stretching may help to reduce pain stemming from hammer toes. Try standing with your toes against a wall and lean forward until you feel a stretch in your arch. If you have fallen arches, sit with your feet out in front of you and pull one foot at a time toward you using a towel.

To strengthen toes and possibly prevent bunions, place corks or toe separators between each toe and squeeze.

Toe cramps may be alleviated by simply standing on your toes for five seconds at a time. Also, try alternatively flexing and pointing your feet.

It's easy to give yourself a foot massage by rolling a golf ball or other small round object under the foot while standing.

Bunion splint relieves foot pain

Hopefully, using these techniques will help alleviate some foot pain, but they may be more effective when used in conjunction with bunion splints or orthotics. These devices have been recommended to treat or prevent bunion or hammer toe so that individuals can avoid painful bunion surgery.

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