Foot pain may cause the elderly to lose balance

Bunions and hammer toe may cause to falls

Foot pain causes elderly to lose balanceFoot conditions like osteoarthritis, bunions, hammer toe and sensation loss may be contributing to falls in senior citizens, according to an article on the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeon's website.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that falls are the leading cause of bodily injuries, death and traumatic brain injuries in people older than 65.

Painful foot conditions can lead to a sedentary lifestyle or modification in the way a person walks, both of which may lead to a weaker lower body and a loss of balance.

Easing foot conditions like bunions and hammer toe may lead to a more active life and stronger bones, which may help keep individuals stable.

Bunion splints help regain balance

The CDC recommends that older adults get plenty of calcium and vitamin D, participate in monitored weight-bearing exercise and osteoporosis screening to help prevent falls and fractures. Additionally, many podiatrists say that using bunion splints or orthotics may effectively prevent or treat bunions or hammer toe, which may be at the root of an imbalance problem.

Fortunately, these devices may treat foot conditions without the need for painful bunion surgery, which can further inhibit an individual's mobility. 


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