Review of day and night bunion splints

Comprehensive guide to bunion splints now available

Bunion Aid hinged bunion splintAlpha Orthotics Corp. recently released an e-book titled When the Foot Hits the Ground from Toe to Heel: Bunion Self-Treatment Products, which outlines the causes and non-surgical treatments for bunions and hammer toe, just in time for ladies looking to break out their sandals for spring.

An informative guide on how the biomechanics of the foot operate and how to treat the underlying causes of bunions, the e-book is meant to help consumers decide on appropriate treatments for their foot conditions.

Marianne Mullins, author and director of marketing for Alpha Orthotics, said that the benefits of using splints and orthotics to correct bunions and hammer toe have been lauded by professionals like television's Dr. Oz and Dr. Markus Striebeck, of the American Chiropractic Center.

Alpha Orthotics has been awarded for the design of their hinged bunion splint Bunion Aid, which is meant to prevent and correct the progression of bunions, which may lead to hammer toe.

These splints and orthotics can either be used to prevent painful, expensive bunion surgery, or help individuals recover from surgery.


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