Counterfeit Louboutins may cause foot pain, too

Beware of counterfeit designer shoes

Counterfeit Louboutins cause foot painAn investigation on ABC's 20/20 revealed that many online boutiques offering Christian Louboutin heels at a low price are actually selling phony versions of the highly-coveted footwear.

Websites,, and were all called out for selling news producers fake designer heels, as identified by luxury brand experts.

The professionals said telltale signs of a counterfeit shoe include poorly done stitching, a chemical odor and a bad fit - usually too big. Also, most designer shoes are shipped from Italy, and about 80 percent of fake footwear comes from China.

"Counterfeit designer shoes are a growing problem because shoes are the new 'it' item. A few years ago, it was handbags for everyone; now the focus is on the feet," said Susan Scafidi, director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University, quoted by the news source.

The trend may mean bad news for feet. While high heels of any quality have been known to worsen conditions like bunions or hammer toe, poorly made shoes are sure to lead to foot pain.

Those who get duped by these sites may be in luck, however, as the use of bunion splints or orthotics has been shown to prevent or correct bunions or hammer toe.

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