Relieving foot pain from high heel hangover

Six at-home treatments for foot problems

Foot pain from high heelsOn the Huffington Post's style blog, Neal Blitz, Chief of Foot Surgery and Associate Chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, gives some tips on how to soothe aching feet after a night of walking around in high heels. 

The podiatrist offers six at-home treatments for what he dubbed 'high heel hangover,' which may even include conditions like bunions, hammer toe or tendonitis.

Stretching and yoga are good ways to counteract the constriction caused in toes, calves and tendons as a result of wearing towering footwear, according to the doctor.

A nice soak in Epsom salts may help soothe aching muscles, since the magnesium contained in the minerals permeates the skin and promotes tissue repair, Blitz said.

Filing away long toenails, hangnails and calluses may also help prevent any annoying rubbing and subsequent foot pain.

Keeping feet moisturized may help individuals avoid cracked skin, stop calluses from worsening and keep sores and blisters at bay.

A foot massage may not only relieve stress, but could be effective in alleviating pain stemming from a musculoskeletal injury and promote balance and strength in the arches.

Finally, be sure to give feet a break from the pumps and wedges, and wear good, old-fashioned sneakers once in a while.

Bunion splint most effective way to correct bunions

If bunions or hammer toe do present themselves, bunion splints or orthotics may be helpful in correcting these conditions without the need for painful, expensive bunion surgery, which WebMD reports can take up to two months to heal. 

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