High heels a ticking time bomb for foot pain

Stiletto endurance, a factor in foot pain

Ticking bomb for foot painAfter spending precious time on hair and makeup then picking out the perfect evening dress, many women turn to the high heels in their closet to complete the look. While studying the image in the mirror, all is right in the world, but how long before those pumps start inducing pain?

On fashion blog RunningWithHeels.com, the footwear-obsessed share how long they can wear a pair of towering heels before the pain becomes too much to bear.

The author calls it "stiletto endurance" and said that after years of practice in heels, she can easily go an eight-hour day before the shoes must come off. A friend and fellow writer admitted that three to four hours was her maximum time limit, while another fashionista said her range was "anywhere from five minutes to eight hours."

While these ladies pride themselves on their endurance, they may also be putting themselves at risk for bunions or hammer toe.

To keep feet healthy while staying stylish, WebMD recommends choosing shoes that fit and follow the natural contours of the foot. Also, consider lower heels that add height but take some pressure off the ball of the foot.

If conditions like bunion or hammer toe persist, orthotics or bunion splints may help to correct them without the need for painful bunion surgery

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