Booties and bunions appear on runway

Booties big on Fashion Week runways

Booties and bunionsBooties made their comeback on the fashion scene a few seasons ago, but this spring, expect to see more of the ankle-height footwear as designers get into the full-swing of the trend at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Modern designer Jill Stuart will present a black and camel two-tone version of the shoe with a high, thick heel. Alexander Wang, whose designs have been donned by First Lady Michelle Obama, will show his unique, silvery gray lace-up booties that will add inches to anyone's height. London designer Vivienne Westwood has created colorful, floral-print footwear with straps and buckles to harden the otherwise feminine shoe.

One feature all of these high-end shoes have in common is towering heels, a necessary element in any fashionista's wardrobe as they add length to legs and impart an air of elegance like no other accessory can.

Not so fashionable, however, are bunions and hammer toes. Walking around in pumps which can crowd toes may be a major source of foot pain and malformation. Luckily, painful, expensive bunion surgery is not always needed as many podiatrists recommend bunion splints or orthotics to alleviate soreness and correct emerging bunions and hammer toe.  

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