High heels cost UK billions, foot pain

Bunion surgery contributes to high cost of foot care

High heels lead to costly bunion surgeryThe cost of leg-lengthening footwear in the UK reached the equivalent of $46.7 billion per year, according to an article on Sky News' website.

Bunion surgery was the biggest contributor to the figure, with toe-straightening, corns, trapped nerves and ingrown toenails also adding to the costs that women incur in the name of high heels and platforms.

"Heaven forbid that we ban heels from our wardrobes but we want to balance out our heel wearing days, protect our bodies from future damage and avoid injuries," podiatrist Emma Supple told the news source.

Footwear sported by Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham apparently spurred the trend. Also, an estimated 1,000 women in Liverpool and Manchester wear high heels most of the time, the article reported.

WebMD said that wearing high heels may make bunions or hammer toe worse because of the pressure they put on the ball of the foot and due to narrow toe boxes.

Bunion splint helps avoid costly bunion surgery

Fortunately, the style-conscious may not need to endure costly, painful bunion surgery since the use of bunion splints or orthotics has been shown to prevent or treat conditions like bunions or hammer toe.

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