Spring styles may cause foot pain, but they sure are cute

'Flatforms', t-straps, and ankle straps add flair to feet

Spring shoes add flair to feetGo-to fashionista website StyleBistro.com reports that 'flatforms,' t-straps and eye-catching ankle straps will be big trends for spring heels.

'Flatforms' are a 1970s revival, and perhaps slightly more comfortable than incarnations seen on the runway in recent years that have featured platforms on the forefoot and towering heels in the back. These shoes add height, but without the steep incline from toe to foot, hence the name 'flatform.'

T-strap heels come and go in the fashion world, and according to the blog, they're coming this spring. The site recommends wearing them with a full skirt or a wrap dress for an elegant, ladylike look.

Perhaps the most original trend we'll be seeing this spring are heels with decorative ankle straps or ties. Worn with short skirts or cropped pants, the shoes are meant to add flair to warm weather ensembles.

Avoid unsightly foot problems with bunion splint

WebMD reports that shoes that are too tight or have elevated heels may lead to foot pain, bunions or hammer toe, and buying a pair of new spring shoes doesn't do much good if feet are plagued with unsightly deformities.

Luckily, bunion surgery may not be a necessity since the use of bunion splints or orthotics has been shown to prevent or correct these conditions.

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