Spring sandals expose foot problems

Get your feet looking pretty for spring

Spring sandals expose foot problemsStrappy spring and summer sandals graced the New York Fashion Week runway in abundance, which may have gotten you thinking about what your feet look like after a long winter of boots and heavy socks.

Perhaps you've been strutting around all winter in platform boots with spike heels, like the ones offered by Steve Madden, which subsequently may have caused bunions or hammer toes that can be easy to ignore during the cold months.

As you get ready for warm weather and the gladiator sandals, ballet flats and strappy sandals that come along with it, you may want to consider treating your feet to something more than a pedicure if you have bunions or hammer toes.

Bunion splints help get ready for spring sandals

Many podiatrists recommend bunion splints or orthotics to prevent or correct bunions and hammer toes. Starting your treatment with these devices while there is still frost on the ground may get your feet looking good just in time for summer footwear.

Usage of bunion splints or orthotics may eliminate the need for painful and expensive bunion surgery, scars from which can also be a hindrance to lovely-looking feet.


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