Lady Gaga's towering heels may lead her to bunions

Lady Gaga hatches at 2011 Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga fashion iconLast year, Lady Gaga stole the red carpet donning an Armani gown that appeared to orbit around her, and adding towering, heel-less bejeweled Alexander McQueen shoes. This year, she hatched from an egg wearing prosthetics on her shoulders and a midriff-baring latex getup before performing "Born This Way."

Never one to disappoint her fans, Gaga soon changed from her flesh-tone outfit into a black leather ensemble that channeled 90s Madonna with a dash of 50s pin-up girl and a pinch of dominatrix to finish off the evening.

Her leather thigh-high boots had platforms so high it's a wonder how she got on stage to accept her awards for best female pop vocalist for "Bad Romance" and best vocal pop album for "The Fame Monster."

While Gaga's fashion choices have quickly made her a style icon, they may also be causing her foot pain. Walking around in towering heels can have the unattractive side effects in the form of bunions and hammer toes.

Wear bunion splints when not on the red carpet

When not walking the red carpet, Gaga may be able to undo some of the damage she may be experiencing with bunion splints or orthotics. With her busy schedule, she likely does not have the time to take off for painful bunion surgery 

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