Training for a 5K after bunion surgery

Tips for training after bunion surgery

Training for 5K after bunion surgeryIt's springtime, the ground has thawed and runners are lacing up their shoes to prepare for upcoming races and marathons. For some athletes who are prone to bunions or have experienced bunion surgery, preparation may take more than a good pair of sneakers.

On, coach Gale Bernhardt gave her advice for training for a 5K run after bunion surgery.

The key is to start slow, she said. Pushing beyond intense pain and physical limitations may only lead to more serious conditions. However, moderate discomfort is normal and part of the healing process, according to the expert.

Individuals who feel strong and get approval from their doctor may be able to begin training within two months, Bernhardt said. A 20-minute walking test without pain may signal that a person is ready to get back on the track.

The coach's other recommendations include setting a goal that is achievable but still ambitious. It's okay to walk part of the way - in fact, incorporating periods of walking into a training program is always a good idea.

Bunion splint promotes healing

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons stresses the importance of wearing comfortable shoes with adequate room for the toes following bunion surgery.

Furthermore, individuals may want to try using bunion splints or orthotics after the operation to promote proper healing. 

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