Researchers will conduct study on root of foot pain

Study seeking participants with bunions or hammer toes

Bunions as part of studyA team of scientists in the Netherlands is getting ready to carry out a clinical trial that they hope will shed some light on effective treatments for foot and forefoot problems.

They are seeking to find out whether receiving advice on footwear is more effective than podiatric treatment for non-traumatic foot pain.

The team is looking for participants who are older than 50 and have foot or forefoot pain - such as that caused by bunions, hammer toe and other conditions not related to arthritis, neuropathy or skin problems.

Factors that they will examine include severity of foot pain, degree of deformity using the Manchester Scale, treatment adherence, social activity and quality of life in participants. This will be determined using questionnaires during the year-long study.

The researchers noted that they hope to find out the best treatments for individuals with foot pain and deformities.

Podiatric treatment includes bunion splint

For those who can't wait for study results before seeking treatment, bunion splints or orthotics have been shown to effectively treat bunions or hammer toe without the need for bunion surgery.

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