Reduce foot pain during Stress Awareness Month

American workers are stressed

Americans are stressed at workApril is Stress Awareness Month, and in light of this, Harris Interactive and Everest College have released the results of their 2011 Work Stress Survey, which reveals that 77 percent of Americans experience job-related anxiety.

Inadequate pay, long commutes, aggravating co-workers and heavy workloads were among the reasons so many employees reported stress. Additionally, the bad economy is spurring concerns over job security.

"There have been some positive signs in the labor market regarding employment recently, but the wheels of recovery are moving slowly," said Wendy Cullen, vice president of employer development for Everest College.

Researchers noted that people are now seeking employment in the medical field to ensure stability. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that medical assistants and pharmacy technicians will be among the occupations experiencing high demand by 2018.

Bunions and hammer toe are among stressors

Unfortunately, workers in the medical industry often spend long periods of time on their feet, which may lead to other stressors: bunions or hammer toe.

Employees with painful foot conditions like bunions or hammer toe may be in luck, since the use of bunion splints or orthotics has been shown to effectively prevent or treat these deformities.  

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