Dancing with the Stars celebrity rejects bunion surgery

Kelly Osbourne rejects surgical options for foot pain

Kelly Osbourne rejects bunion surgeryReality TV star Kelly Osbourne, daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, recently told E! Online that she would rather be crippled than endure painful foot surgery.

Osbourne has been known for her sense of style - which typically includes a towering pair of Christian Louboutins - and for her performance on Dancing with the Stars. Osbourne told the gossip site that she developed foot pain from the dance routines on the show, but that she's terrified of getting corrective surgery.

"When I saw what was actually involved, I was like, No!," Osbourne said, quoted by the news provider.

People who wear heels as frequently as Osbourne are prone to develop bunions, hammer toes and fallen arches due to narrow toes and poor arch support. Additionally, the strain put on her feet during Dancing With the Stars performances likely exacerbated any existing foot conditions, as dancers often experience foot pain and bunions.

Celebrities may use bunion splints to avoid bunion surgery

Luckily for the fearful star, many podiatrists say that bunions and hammer toes can be treated with bunion splints or orthotics. Such remedies could help Osbourne avoid painful, expensive surgery while alleviating foot pain and irregularities.  

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