NHL athlete retires after 25 surgeries

NHL's Peter Forsberg retires due to foot pain

Foot pain with hockey playerColorado Avalanche forward Peter Forsberg recently announced his retirement from professional hockey due to foot pain that has persisted despite 25 surgeries, according to NHL.com.

The 37-year-old Swedish-born Forsberg makes the move after a 20-year career in the NHL and having won two Olympic gold medals for his native country.

Forsberg said the foot pain he experienced was so intense that it affected his game. Since he promised his wife he would not get anymore painful, expensive surgeries, he decided to retire.

"It was not an easy decision, believe me," Forsberg told the news source.

Repeated stress on feet lead to foot problems

The Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma has reported that many athletes experience bunions or hammer toes as a result of ill-fitting shoes and repeated stress on the feet. According to the institute, bunion surgery should be a last resort move as it can reduce function of the foot and cause further foot pain.

The institute reports that bunion splints and orthotics can be useful in preventing or treating bunions and hammer toes caused by athletic activites. 

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