Bunion splints may ease back and neck pain

Holistic approach to medical care starts with the foot

Bunion Aid bunion splintChiropractor Kevin Wong takes a holistic approach to his medical practice, examining the body from the foot up when a patient comes in complaining of pain in the back and neck.

The doctor said this is because when someone has pain in the spine area, it is often due to imbalance or poor support in the foot, which can send shockwaves upward.

"The body is a fluid, kinematic chain of events and is not static," the expert said. "Every biomechanical imbalance is transmitted to the spine."

He further explained that there are actually three arches in the foot: longitudinal, medial, and transverse. All three areas must be supported in order for the feet to promote a proper gait and keep the ankles, knees, legs, spine and pelvis free of pain.

Proper arch support is good for other parts of the body

When the foot is not properly supported, it can lead to fallen arches over time, which in turn may cause bunions or hammer toe. These foot conditions worsen an already poor gait.

Wong recommended the use of Bunion Aid from Alpha Orthotics since it supports all three arches and is also hinged to allow users to move while correcting bunions or hammer toe.

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