High heels among celebrities can lead to bunions

Jennifer Lopez injured by her Louboutins

Jennifer Lopez on stageIn a stroke of irony for the "Louboutins" singer, Jennifer Lopez reportedly punctured her ankle with one of the metal studs on her shoes before presenting an award at the 2011 Grammys.

Fashion blog Twirlit.com reports that paramedics were called to Lopez's dressing room to stop the bleeding so she could go on stage. The news source reports that she has made a speedy recover from the incident.

The sharp metal embellishments on Lopez's shoes aren't the only things about her sky-high Louboutins that may cause her foot pain. High heels have been known to cause unsightly bunions, hammer toes and fallen arches, especially when worn frequently. The former Fly Girl may also be at risk for these conditions due to her experience as a dancer.

Bunion splints help avoid bunion surgery

Given Lopez's new career as a judge on American Idol, she likely does not have the time to take off for painful bunion surgery, recovery from which can take weeks.

Many podiatrists say that use of bunion splints, orthotics and arch support devices may be helpful in preventing and treating foot problems like bunions, hammer toes and fallen arches.  

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